Introduction of Foreign Affairs Department



Introduction of Foreign Affairs Department

     The Foreign Affairs Department of Zhiren Law Firm focuses on providing legal services in international trade litigation. The department has a wealth of practical experiences and provides a number of legal services about international sales disputes/ shareholding disputes/ maritime disputes/ international logistics disputes to enterprises and individuals from many countries , such as the UK, the United States, Germany, Spain, Russia, Egypt, Afghanistan, Uganda, Pakistan, Burkina Faso and etc.

      Our Team

   Zhiren Foreign Affairs Department includes more than ten lawyers and associates, who graduated from famous law schools in the PRC and other jurisdictions. Our lawyers specialize in international trade law and practice and are proficient in Chinese and English. We deliver a full range of professional services to meet the needs of clients.

     After handling a large number of cases and accumulating a lot of experience, lawyer Lin Fang in the team was chosen in the Talent Pool of Foreign-related Lawyers in Zhejiang Province.

      Core Business Areas

     International trade litigation and non-litigation legal business;

    Trade remedies, including trade sanctions. We provide pre trade risk prevention guidance to clients, and provide advice to both Chinese and foreign clients on trade policy compliance;

     Handling of foreign-related property litigation;

    Providing clients with legal advice related to Customs Law which including customs valuation, customs classification of goods, origin of goods, affairs of free trade zone and bonded zone, import and export control, etc.

      Other Related Businesses

     We provide lectures on Chinese law popularization such as Civil Code of PRC for overseas clients. We act for clients in the draft and review of international sale contracts and advise on maritime cargo and related insurance issues.

Classic Cases

     1.Winning cases on behalf of clients in the Disputes over contracts for the international sale of goods between Ugandan companies and domestic suppliers;

    2. Acting for a Burkina Faso company to obtain full compensation in a case of international transportation for goods being burned due to fire of logistics vehicles;

     3. Acting as an agent in many air transportation cases and striving for the maximum legitimate rights and interests for the clients;

    4. Acting as an agent for JG company against Ethiopian shipping company in the dispute of delivery of goods without bills of lading, winning the lawsuit and recovering huge losses for the exporter;

    5. Acting as an agent in a case of the dispute over the sale contract of epidemic prevention materials between Hong Kong company and Ningbo company, and obtaining full compensationfor the client;

    6. On behalf of enterprises and individuals from the UK, Afghanistan, Egypt, Spain and other countries to invest in China; Consulting, negotiating and designning investment paths for clients;

    7. Acting as an agent for a British company in an international cooperation dispute negotiation and getting an agreement successfully;

    8. Acting as an agent for Spanish customers in some private lending cases;

   9. Acting as an agent in a case of the dispute over the sales contract of epidemic prevention masks between German company and SC company, and obtaining full compenstaion for the client;

   10.Participating in a letter of credit dispute case, starting with the application of criminal case materials in civil cases, and win the case;

   11. Acting for a client in a trade fraud case ,filing the civil case and freezing the infringe’s assets successfully;

  12.Acting as an agent for Cross-border E-commerce enterprises in cases of suspected infringement of intellectual property rights.