Introduction of Foreign Affairs Department



Brief Introduction of Zhejiang Zhiren Law Firm

Zhejiang Zhiren Law Firm was established in August 2009. After ten years of development, Zhejiang Zhiren Law Firm now has more than 160 employees and 110 practicing lawyers, including 36 partners. Over ten years, Zhejiang Zhiren Law Firm is in a rising stage of rapid development and has achieved good results till now. On May 17, 2019, after being recommended by Hangzhou municipal Lawyers Associations, reviewed by the Provincial Law Association Selection Committee, reviewed and approved by the Twelfth Meeting of the Ninth Standing Council of the Provincial Law Association, and publicized by Zhejiang Province Lawyer Website, Zhejiang Zhiren Law Firm was awarded the honorable title of "Excellent Law Firm of Zhejiang Province".

Over the past ten years, we have been committed to the development of party building in the firm and practiced the promotion of Law firm building through party building;

The party building work of Zhejiang Zhiren Law Firm is always at the forefront of lawyer industry. The construction of  law firm's "Nine Cares" project,  the establishment of Zhiren Scholarship in the Law School of Hangzhou Normal University, the foundation of “Education•Zhiren Double Ten Best Virtue Youth Award” and so on, party building of Zhejiang Zhiren Law Firm has always been persistent and innovative.

Zhiren Law Firm provides a very good practice platform for the practical training of the senior students of universities. After years of development, our law firm has won many honors such as "Zhejiang Provincial Lawyers Industry Party Construction Model Institute". This reflects the affirmation of the party building work of Zhiren Law Firm from the whole community. 

Over the past ten years, we are committed to professional construction and professional management. 

We provide comprehensive and multi-field legal services to domestic and foreign customers with professional specialization and team operation. For all kinds of litigation and non-litigation legal matters entrusted by customers, we can gather professional lawyers in the field at the first time, and provide efficient legal services to customers.

Our firm has 16 departments at present, the establishment of professional departments not only makes the law firm's legal services much more detailed, but also makes the law firm's brand continuously improve. In addition, Zhiren Law Firm has achieved the standardization of case handling, the systematization of case quality control, and the normalization of firm management through the establishment of "Zhejiang Zhiren Law Firm Case Management System".

We have always been popularizing legal knowledge;

Since the establishment of the law firm, we have been actively holding various public lectures to raise social awareness of law. This is one of the ways in which we actively assume social responsibility. In addition, lawyers of Zhiren Law Firm also actively provide legal service to people with mobility difficulties. Through the activities of lawyers entering the community, enterprises, construction fields, and rural areas, Zhiren Law Firm’s law popularization work has achieved remarkable results.

We have been insisting on exploring diversified dispute resolution methods;

Faced with the growing trend of social disputes, our firm has always been committed to exploring a diversified dispute resolution methods. Inside the park, Zhiren Law Firm participated in the formation of the People’s Mediation Committee of the East Hangzhou Software Park to resolve disputes. Additionally in October 2015, Zhiren Law Firm and the Xihu District People's Court signed the "Entrustment and Delegation Mediation Agreement", jointly promote the pilot work of lawyers entering third-party mediation in Zhejiang province.

Our philosophy

We advocate the development concept of customer first, uphold the "trusted first" service attitude and the service purpose of maximizing the legitimate interests of customers. We provide the most valuable legal services to customers with the service mode of “Solve legal problems with management thinking, Make up management deficiencies with legal tools”. 

Our visions

We insist on scientific development and constantly innovate, establish professional and dedicated service teams, establish and improve a scientific legal service system, actively develop legal services required by customers, provide customers with more professional and dedicated legal services.

Our website: 

The Foreign Affairs Department of Zhejiang Zhiren Law Firm

The Foreign Affairs Department of Zhiren Law Firm focuses on providing legal services in international trade litigation. The department has a wealth of practical experiences and provides a number of legal services about international sales disputes/ shareholding disputes/ maritime disputes/ international logistics disputes to enterprises and individuals from many countries, such as the UK, the United States, Germany, Spain, Russia, Egypt, Afghanistan, Uganda, Pakistan, Burkina Faso, Korea, Japan and etc.

Our Team

The members of Zhiren Foreign Affairs Department have graduated from top law schools in the PRC and other jurisdictions. Our lawyers specialize in international trade law and practice and are proficient in Chinese and Englishas working language. We deliver a full range of professional services to meet the needs of clients.

After handling a large number of cases and accumulating a lot of experience, lawyer Lin Fang was chosen to be the member of Talent Pool of Foreign-related Lawyers in Zhejiang Province. 

Core Business Areas

International trade litigation and non-litigation legal business; Trade remedies, including trade sanctions. We provide pre trade risk prevention guidance to clients, and provide advice to both Chinese and foreign clients on trade policy compliance; Handling of foreign-related property litigation; Providing clients with legal advice related to Customs Law which including customs valuation, customs classification of goods, origin of goods, affairs of free trade zone and bonded zone, import and export control, etc.

Other Related Businesses

We provide lectures on Chinese law popularization such as Civil Code of PRC for overseas clients. We act for clients in the draft and review of international sale contracts and advise on maritime cargo and related insurance issues. 

Classic Cases

1.Winning cases on behalf of clients in the Disputes over contracts for the international sale of goods between Ugandan companies and domestic suppliers.

2.Acting for a Burkina Faso company to obtain full compensation in a case of international transportation for goods being burned due to fire of logistics vehicles.

3.Acting as an agent in many air transportation cases and striving for the maximum legitimate rights and interests for the clients.

4.Acting as an agent for JG company against Ethiopian shipping company in the dispute of delivery of goods without bills of lading, winning the lawsuit and recovering huge losses for the exporter.

5.Acting as an agent in a case of the dispute over the sale contract of epidemic prevention materials between Hong Kong company and Ningbo company, and obtaining full compensation for the client.

6.On behalf of enterprises and individuals from the UK, Afghanistan, Egypt, Spain and other countries to invest in China; Consulting, negotiating and designing investment paths for clients.

7.Acting as an agent for a British company in an international cooperation dispute negotiation and getting an agreement successfully.

8.Acting for a client in a freight agency dispute case and strive for the maximum legal rights and interests for the client.

9.Acting as an agent for Spanish customers in some private lending cases.

10.Acting as an agent in a case of the dispute over the sales contract of epidemic prevention masks between German company and SC company, and obtaining full compensation for the client.

11.Acting for a client in a guarantee contract dispute case with a Moroccan companyand our representation was fully accepted by the court.

12.Participating in a letter of credit dispute case, starting with the application of criminal case materials in civil cases, and won the case.

13.Acting for a client in a trade fraud case, filing the civil case and freezing the infringer’s assets successfully.

14.Acting as an agent for Cross-border E-commerce enterprises in cases of suspected infringement of intellectual property rights.

Providing legal services to companies and individuals in UK, USA, Germany, Spain, Russia, Egypt, Afghanistan, Uganda, Pakistan, Burkina Faso, South Korea, Japan, etc. 

Core Members of Foreign Affairs Department


Office Location: Hangzhou

Area of expertise: Foreign-related civil and commercial disputes;  Maritime affairs

License number: 13301201711385285


Telephone: 0086-(571)87335799

Mobile Phone: 0086-15858196529

Zhiren Code: 190

WeChat: 18258991339

General Introduction:

Lawyer Fang Lin

Education background: Bachelor of Economics, Southwest University of Political Science and Law; Master of Law, Anhui University of Finance and Economics.

Specialties: legal affairs of import and export companies; litigation related to international trade, admiralty and maritime commerce, stoppage of L/C, trade fraud, etc.; non-litigation civil and commercial cases, design of equity structure for foreign investment in China, company-related legal affairs.

Practice motto: To handle cases faithfully and achieve win-win situation.

Main positions:

Member of Zhejiang Province Foreign Lawyer Talent Pool; 

Member of International Investment and Belt and Road Initiative Committee of the Zhejiang Lawyers Association; 

Member of International Trade and Maritime Affairs – Maritime Special Committee of Zhejiang Lawyers Association;

Deputy Director of Hangzhou Lawyers Association West Lake Branch, International Investment and Trade Professional Committee.


Transferee's Assumption and Remedies in Case of Transfer of Defective Capital Contribution

Develop Company Lawyer System — — Facilitating the Belt and Road Construction

Definition of actual shipper and protection of rights and interests under

Understanding and Application of "Force Majeure", "Change of Circumstances" and "Difficult Situation Rule" in International Sale of Goods Against the Background of COVID-19

Main Performance:

1.Represented DANIEL from the Republic of Uganda in the trial and enforcement of an international contract dispute between DANIEL and a Chinese supplier. 

2. Represented SOFIAN from Indonesia in the trial and enforcement of an international contract dispute between DANIEL and a Chinese supplier.

3.Represented ROGER from Burkina Faso in a case which goods were burned in a fire in a logistics vehicle and received full compensation. 

4. Represented AKHLAQ MUHAMMAD from Pakistan in an international contract dispute between DANIEL and a Chinese supplier andrecovered substantial damages for the client.

5.Represented a Chinese supplier to win a case against JUNG DON GOO from Korea for payment of goods owed to the Chinese supplier.

6.On behalf of enterprises and individuals from the UK, Afghanistan, Egypt, Spain and other countries to invest in China; Consulting, negotiating and designing investment paths for clients.

7.Represented Stephen Matthews from the United Kingdom in an international cooperation dispute with GENUINE TRADING Ltd.

8. Represented E.K. PRIMA EXPORTS HONG KONG LTD in a dispute with Bathing International Trading Company Limited and a Ningbo company over contract for international sale of goods.

9.Represented SUN LIN YONG MIN from Spain in a series of private lending cases against Yang.

10.Acting for JINGON Import & Export Corporation in the dispute case of delivery of goods without original bill of lading between JINGON Import & Export Corporation and Chinese Ocean Shipping Agency Co., Ltd., Ethiopian Shipping Lines Share Company and MEDITERRANEAN SHIPPING COMPANYS to recover huge losses.

11.Acting for Jin in the International Goods Sales Contract Disputes among LIRONG Trade Co., Ltd., EL OUADDANE HAMZA of Morocco, etc.

Provides legal services to companies and individuals in UK, USA, Germany, Spain, Russia, Egypt, Afghanistan, Uganda, Pakistan, Burkina Faso, South Korea, Japan, etc.


Office Location: Hangzhou

Area of expertise: Commercial disputes; Foreign-related Disputes

License number: 13301201911153639


Telephone: 0571—87337300

Mobile Phone: 18949506389

Zhiren Code:269


General Introduction:

Xia Wenwen, graduated from Jilin University in 2018 with a master's degree in law (jurisprudence), entered Zhejiang Zhiren Law Firm in July 2021, and is now a full-time lawyer in the foreign-related business department of Zhiren, mainly engaged in foreign-related litigation, arbitration and non-litigation cases in international trade, maritime and marine commerce, export credit insurance, cross-border logistics, overseas warehouse, cross-border e-commerce enterprise compliance development, cross-border intellectual property rights, etc.

I believe that the life of law does not lie in logic, but in experience. Only through continuous practice can we safeguard the rights and interests of the parties to the greatest extent within the scope of lawfulness and reasonableness, and maintain the fairness and justice of society.

Main Performance:

For the period of 2021-2022.

Represented a cross-border e-commerce company in Zhejiang in a case against a logistics company in Shenzhen for material breach of contract for damages.

Represented a Hong Kong company in getting back a full set of bills of lading from a freight forwarder through maritime injunction proceedings for three days.

Represented a U.S. company in an arbitration of a service contract with a Hong Kong company.

Represented a Jiangsu foreign trade company in an arbitration case against a Jiangsu insurance company for liability for claims.

Represented a Zhejiang foreign trade company in a case against an overseas purchaser for a sales and purchase contract, and finally reached a mediation with the defendant through online during the epidemic and recovered the payment efficiently.

Represented an American against a domestic freight forwarder for compensation for loss of goods due to delayed delivery in a freight forwarding contract.


Office Location: Hangzhou

Area of expertise: Foreign-related Disputes

License number: 13301202210543658


Telephone: 0571-89715925

Mobile Phone: 17306713599

Zhiren Code: 251

QQ: 1029525502

WeChat: wc18104404417

General Introduction:

Wan Chao; lawyer of Foreign Business Department of Zhejiang Zhiren Law Firm;

Education Background:Jilin University of Finance and Economics Bachelor's degree

Specialties:Foreign legal services

Practice motto:Respect the business of lawyers, the virtue of benevolence and righteousness, the force of hard work, seeking the public of law.


Office Location: Hangzhou

Area of expertise: Foreign-related civil and commercial disputes

License number:


Mobile Phone: 15869155432

Zhiren Code: 334

WeChat: 15869155432

General Introduction:

The Internship Lawyer of The Foreign Affairs Department of Zhejiang Zhiren Law Firm.